Our Services

Bathroom and Shower Fitting

Whether you’ve been putting off redoing the bathroom for years, you’re getting ready to move, or you’re just getting the home ship-shape, our plumbers can make designing the bathroom, sourcing the parts and installation an absolute breeze.

Kitchen Plumbing

In many senses, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and when yours is out of commission, things can be extremely tricky and stressful. Our trained and qualified plumbers can do everything from full kitchen installations to helping get your sink flowing cleanly again. We can be out, getting your kitchen up to scratch in no time at all.


From mould to serious home damage, everyone knows leaks can cause some pretty major issues in the home. Time is of the essence when you have a serious leak on your hands, which is why we make sure we get our plumbers out to jobs as quickly as possible.

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can be incredibly problematic and stressful. Fortunately, our plumbers can be on hand to get everything flowing cleanly and properly again, minimising water damage to your home. Once we’re round, we can quickly get to the source of the problem, getting it fixed as quickly as possible.

Blocked Toilets & Sinks

No one can put up with a blocked toilet or sink, it’s simply a problem that needs dealing with, and quickly! We can have plumbers round in no time at all to get things flowing cleanly again. At this point, we’ve helped unblock thousands of sinks and toilets, so expect to have yours back in no time at all.

All Drainage Problems

Whatever your drainage issues may be, our plumbers can get round, get to the core of the problem and get things running again. Whether the sink is taking fifteen minutes to empty or the showers given up completely, we can find the right plumbers to get it sorted.

Tap Installations & Repairs

From the continual drip that’s driving you crazy to full tap replacements and installations, our plumbers can help repair, advise, source and install everything when it comes to your taps. This is generally quite a quick and no fuss job, so expect your taps back in no time.

Toilet & Bath Installations and Repairs

It’s no fun at all when you can’t use the toilet at home, or the bath is out of commission. No one has time for that hassle and stress, which is why we aim to get plumbers out to problems as quickly as possible, helping you get things back to normal.

Pipe Work Replacement

Whether we’re talking ancient, starting to fail piping, replacing lead pipes or simply adding to your homes piping, we can help you find the right plumber for your issue, getting everything running exactly as you need it to.

Stopcock Replacement, Installations and Repairs

The stopcock is an essential part of plumbing, heating and gas systems, and when things go wrong, you need to get them running right as quickly as possible. We can provide qualified and experienced plumbers that’ll have your issue dealt with in no time at all.

Saniflo Installations and Repairs

Whether your water pressure simply isn’t up to snuff or you’re looking to solve other plumbing issues in the home, Saniflo could prove an easy solution. We can provide both installations and repairs, making sure your Saniflo system stays running well for years to come. We understand how important it is to keep everything running smooth, so we’ll have plumbers out to your home as quickly as possible.

Water Tank Installations and Repairs

Regardless of whether your water tank is starting to fail, completely broken or just in need of a replacement, our plumbers can get round there and get your new water tank installed or get your old one running smoothly again.

Immersion Heater Installations and Repairs

The fact is, immersion heaters do eventually break down and need replacing. Most heaters are rated to last around 6,000 hours of heating time, which means at some point, you will need to either have a new one installed or repair your old one. Fortunately, our plumbers can handle both, and we make a point of getting out to jobs as quickly as possible.

Shower/Shower Pump Installations and Repairs

Installing a shower can be a major upgrade for any bathroom. If you’ve spent any amount of time simply using the bath taps as a shower, you’ll know to miss a proper installed shower. Whether yours is broken or you’re looking to install a new one, our plumbers can handle it.

Hot Water Problems and Inspection

Going without hot water simply isn’t an option for anyone. Whether you’ve been having problems with your hot water, or simply want to get things inspected and checked for issues, our proven plumbers can be round and working on it in no time at all.

Vented & Unvented Water Cylinder

The hot water cylinder is an essential part of the central heating system when it comes to storing the ready hot water, as well as keeping it hot. Our plumbers can service, replace and install complete new systems and cylinders.

Thermostat Installations

Thermostat installations can be an involved but extremely necessary part of any home heating system. Our trained, qualified and proven plumbers can get the job done quickly and to a high standard, at a competitive price. We’ll make sure your central heating system is running smooth again in no time.

Radiator Installations

Another essential part of any functioning central heating system is reliable and efficient radiators. Our qualified plumbers can install and service your home’s radiators, ensuring everything is running efficiently in time for winter and the colder months.